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Findahome Online have successfully sold properties using a new method of house selling. We have seen this new way of selling arrive in the housing market of England and Wales in the last couple of years.

To achieve a quicker than normal sale, the property is placed on the market offering a huge discount on the market value. This results in the property being placed on the market with an asking price and ‘offers over’ clearly stated.

With the asking price being so attractive, potential buyers are instantly attracted who may not have come to look at the property if it was on at the market value. Auction properties are sold the same way, with a guide price. The ‘offers over’ way of selling property is very popular in Scotland.

Findahome Online are offering this service to customers at no extra charge. Our usual transparent selling fees apply to new customers. Our current home sellers, if they wish, can just adjust the price of their property to an attractive under market value selling price to join the scheme. As previously stated there is no extra cost for this service.

Sell Your Home Online

What has prompted Findahome Online into this new area of the market is the emergence in our local area of Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Leek and Cheadle of quick sale estate agents. They employ this method of selling but at a very high cost to the home seller. One quick sale estate agent visited a property that we have sold using this method and wanted to charge our home seller 2% plus VAT of the final sale price. Findahome Online offered the exact same service to our home seller and agreed a sale within 2 weeks. Our satisfied vendor had already paid us on one of our upfront payment options, so incurred no extra cost. To say he is delighted at selling is an understatement, having been on the market longer than we would have wanted. He has also saved in excess of £2,000, which was the fee that the quick sale estate agent had quoted.

Findahome Online are a National Quick Sale Estate Agent based in Staffordshire, Central England. Sell you House fast with Findahome from £399*

Findahome are a National Online Estate Agents, allowing you to buy property via the internet. Findahome Online Internet Estate Agents also have rental property available.
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