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Online Shopping Up By 17% Christmas 2011 – What Will The Figures Be For Online Property Searches?? Internet Estate Agent Findahome Onlines’ View

Early on this month figures were released stating that Online shopping this Christmas in the UK is up by 17% on last year. This does not come as any real surprise, given the increasing popularity of the internet and ease of use. Speaking to members of the Findahome Online team, they have fully embraced the internet shopping revolution with two of the team telling me that they have bought all their Christmas gifts online.

I, personally have not started my Christmas shopping yet and whilst being a big user of the internet, I do still prefer to visit my local city centre and do my shopping there. For me it is the experience of visiting the shops and getting into the spirit of things at Christmas. I’m sure it’s the same for many others. I do, however, see all the benefits the internet shopping experience offers.

As an internet estate agent, I am hoping someone looks at the figures and increase of traffic to the major property websites over the Christmas period. I am certain that we will see increased numbers visiting property websites this year, as people bore of the festivities and start thinking about moving in the New Year.

Why will we see more visitors looking for properties online over Christmas 2011?


  • Record numbers of laptops and PC tablets sold. When a programme or film that you dislike is shown on the TV, you are more likely to go onto your tablet/laptop and surf the web. If you have an interest in property, the likelihood is that you will be visiting the Rightmove website or one of the property portals.
  • Boredom and habit. Many people visit the property portals every day of the year. An enforced holiday over Christmas will not change this.
  • Brand awareness. All the major property portals have extensively advertised on the TV and other forms of media in the last 12 months.
  • Non- existent press advertising. Most people search online for properties these days, but some still look in the local newspaper. 90% of estate agents in the UK do not advertise over the Christmas period.
  • Divorce and separation. Sadly, many people divorce or separate after Christmas. This results in many separating couples looking for alternative properties over Christmas. Divorce rates are up, therefore more people in this position will be looking for a new property after Christmas.
  • Accessibility. It has never been so easy to search for a property. No more trawling the high street, going from estate agent to estate agent and relying on only one photograph. Thankfully, those days are gone.


I await the figures which I am sure one of the major property websites will produce. I will also be checking our website visitors over the next month, to see how many people are visiting

As an online estate agent, we are encouraging any home sellers thinking of leaving it until after Christmas to think again. We firmly believe that this Christmas will be a record year for online property viewers.

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